Wellness Testimonials

Your Malibu C Vital Creme never caused me any blemishes or irritation. The Vital Creme is the first and only product that I have been able to use daily without any issues. My face stays moisturized and I no longer have problems with dryness. Thank you for a great product! more...
Katrina P.
Indianapolis, IN
• • •
I just wanted to say the Zinc C Serum is absolutely amazing. I have been using it for about two months now and the results I have seen are less redness, less irritation, a more even tone, and most importantly less breakouts! I am an esthetician and have access to many products, but this is a staple in my routine. It addresses all the concerns I have - redness, breakouts and hyperpigmentation in a simple, natural formula without preservatives. more...
Christina Silva
M.E. Spa
Oceanside, CA
• • •
I use the Purifi Facial Cleanser and Facial-Masque regularly and I have never seen my skin look so amazing! I've tried Proactive and Clean and Clear products but none of them even come close to Malibu C. After just ONE NIGHT of using Purifi followed by the Facial-Masque, my skin is actually noticeably clearer...I'm absolutely sold on Malibu C. more...
Anastasia Klironomos
Shag Salon
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
• • •
I have reddish skin that is prone to breakouts and general redness. After just the first application of the Sensitive & Problematic Skin system, my skin felt smoother and there was less redness. I continue to see improvement every day. more...
Indianapolis, IN
• • •
I've experienced excellent results with the Malibu C skin care regimen for problematic skin. My skin is now blemish-free. more...
Paula B.
Wilder, KY
• • •
The results using the Malibu C problematic skin care regimen are awesome! My clients and I are happy! more...
Nina Tolia
Eyebrow Designer 21
San Jose, CA
• • •
The Vital-Creme is the best in the world! Everyone with any kind of skin can use it! It's #1 and I would not change my Vital-Creme. It's like a dream come true! more...
Alison W.
Greensboro, NC
• • •
Absolutely amazing, from feel to smell to results! I have now recommended it to my clients as it is 100% vegan and shows great results. The scent in the products (if any) is soft and not overwhelmingly perfumed as you find with many other products. It's so easy for my clients (and me) to use for whatever skin issues we may be worried about. I can now officially say that happily that I am USING the products I sell to my clients. more...
Dana Doerr
Sweet Escapes
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
• • •
Trying Malibu C products for the first time was the best decision I have ever made! I was skeptical at first because I have always struggled with acne and blemishes on my face, even as an adult. I have tried everything, all of the leading acne products on the market, nothing worked until now. Within a week I could notice a difference in my skin. I never thought I would be able to go out in public with no makeup on and now I can, feeling proud. I can honestly say I love my skin now! more...
Kelly M.
Federal Way, WA
• • •
I have sensitive skin and experience breakouts in my T-zone area. Vital Creme felt lightweight and hydrated my skin when it needed it most without leaving my skin oily. more...
Jillian M.
Pasadena, MD
• • •
I noticed a gradual clearing of my face when I started using the Malibu C Acne C Wellness Serum and Vital Creme. I did not have problems with acne as a teen, however; when I turned forty-two I started to get acne/blemishes. Love the products! more...
Christine E.
Eagle River, AK
• • •
Malibu C Facial-Masque Algae Clay is just perfect for my combo/oily skin. It deeply cleansers my skin yet not over dries it like many clay-containing products do. My skin feels clean and fresh and it smells amazing afterwards. more...
Polina B.
San Francisco, CA
• • •
Malibu C Facial Masque is the best product I have ever used for my dry, sensitive skin. It did not burn or irritate my skin at all. It had a great smell and amazing results. My skin looked and felt great after one use. It even got rid of my pimples after using it once. Definitely the best masque out there and I will be continuing to use your products and recommend them to everyone!! more...
Jacqueline Brule
JPS Hair
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
• • •
My skin has never felt more amazing!!! I am so happy I found Malibu C skin care. Thank you for being such an amazing company! more...
Georgia Reed
Stellar Salon
Sterling, IL
• • •
I have a client that just had a baby. She has always had problematic skin and everything she used she reacted to. I did a facial on her and applied Malibu C Zinc C Wellness Serum and have a client for life as she loved the way her skin felt and looked. No more red cheeks and an even complexion. more...
Kimiko Gonzales
Sakura Skin Therapy
Phoenix, AZ
• • •
I love Malibu C Vital Creme! So gentle and perfect! Very hydrating, and it actually took my skin's redness away! My tiny little zits actually faded a bit. Overall, I really like this product!! more...
Caitie H.
Graham, WA
• • •
Malibu C Vital Creme is amazing! My face has never felt better! I have used all of the expensive brands and nothing compares to Malibu C. Plus, it is safe during pregnancy...nothing else compares! I love this so much! My skin thanks you. more...
Katie L.
Rutland, MA
• • •
My skin has never looked or felt better thanks to Malibu C skin care. My pores have shrunk and I no longer have red splotches or breakouts. I think it's helping some of my wrinkles I was getting, too. I love Malibu C skin care (Zinc C Serum, Vital Creme, Exfoliant Facial Scrub, B5 Face & Body Moisture Mist and Eye Serum). I tell all my friends about it! more...
Angela N.
Van Nuys, CA
• • •
I have been using Malibu C Exfoliant Facial Scrub for a month. I do have acne-prone skin and Exfoliant has not caused any breakouts. I have noticed a decrease in pore size and a brighter complexion. Great product! more...
Jessica S.
Berlin, WI
• • •
I love using all four Malibu C Serums on my clients! more...
Cathleen Scott
Attitudes and Images
Hollister, CA
• • •
The results with Malibu C Perfection Skin Care system have been amazing. more...
Kay L.
Prescott, AZ
• • •
Malibu C Acne Creme helped clear up my blemishes and gave me clear and flawless looking skin. more...
Brandy L.
Salyersville, KY
• • •
My skin had become oily and out of control. I had been looking for something to control the oil and rid the blackheads. Malibu C Serum with zinc has put the oil in its place and reduced the blackheads. It has made my skin feel softer by ridding unwanted texture. I would recommend this product to anyone with problem skin. more...
Shannon S.
Roanoke, VA
• • •
The Malibu C Skincare line is amazing!! more...
Stephanie Adams
R & R Spa
Somonauk, IL
• • •
My skin is clear and happy with Malibu C in my life! more...
Sheila Sparrow-Health
Bloomington, IN
• • •
Malibu C is a wonderful product! I have been using it on my clients for several months now and I love it! ...Malibu C is just a great skin care line and I love that it is 100% vegan. more...
Ingrid Hall
Relax Rejuvenate Body Care
Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
• • •
I tried the Facial Masque at a friend's and it was just the detox my skin needed. My combination skin has been acting up, and this seems to have calmed my oily zones. I have noticeably smaller pores and it left my skin glowing. I definitely plan to use this product once a week to help with occasional breakouts. more...
Aaron T.
Milwaukee, WI
• • •
My face feels the best it's felt all winter because of Malibu C Exfoliant. Ultra Body Lotion really helps with the dry skin I was jamming and the Facial Masque helps with impurities. I am really impressed and plan on buying more. more...
Megan Hawes
Newark, OH
• • •
I have noticeably clearer pores and smoother skin after using Malibu C Exfoliant Facial Scrub. more...
Amy H.
Denison, TX
• • •
I really enjoyed the Malibu C Facial-Masque. I enjoyed how it tightened my pores and took out all of the excess oil and dirt. more...
Camryn P.
Lancaster, OH
• • •
I use the Malibu C Facial Exfoliant. I am in love with this amazing skin care product! It has really helped my skin with acne and blackheads. My face feels so clean after using it morning and night. I refuse to go to sleep at night without washing my face with this facial exfoliant! It is also very refreshing in the morning! Thank you so much, Malibu C, for this amazing product! more...
Elizabeth Crawford
The Competitive Edge
East Jordan, MI
• • •
I am using Malibu C Zinc C Wellness Serum and Vital Creme. My facial skin has never looked so good. My pores have always been so huge and my complexion uneven. My pores are small now and my skin looks smooth. I just started using the products on my eyes. I cannot believe the results in about four days. My skin above my eyes was like tissue paper and bad enough that I considered seeing a specialist. I am thrilled with the transformation even after on application. more...
Bonnie Melichercik
Bonnie's Place
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
• • •
Malibu C Exfoliant Facial Scrub felt amazing! It left my skin less irritated with no redness and smoother than any other professional product that I have been using! Amazing! more...
Carrie Soppe
Fix Salon
Cedar Rapids, IA
• • •
I have very oily, acne-prone skin. Using the Exfoliant made my skin feel a lot smoother. After a couple of uses, I noticed that my breakouts were subsiding. more...
Kevin D.
Jacksonville, FL
• • •
I have used so many facial cleansers and exfoliants and none compares to this one. My skin felt so clean and soft after I used Malibu C Exfoliant Facial Scrub. I will only use it from now on. It is the best exfoliant I have ever used! more...
Zineb E.
Woodbury, CT
• • •
I honestly still can't believe how amazing this product is! Malibu C has really changed my life. I'm getting married this year and I feel very confident and ready now that my skin has really cleared up. Thank you so much for introducing this product. I will gladly buy it again. more...
Kayla Z.
San Antonio, TX
• • •
I have had so many compliments on my skin from network execs to fashionistas and I have been singing your high praises. I love Zinc C Serum! more...
Meghan Cleary
Television Personality & Author
Los Angeles, CA
• • •
The Exfoliant Facial Scrub is really good for when my skin feels pretty bumpy and I have a lot of dead skin on my face. It feels like it gets everything off and leaves my skin feeling fresh. more...
Kevin D.
Jacksonville, FL
• • •
I have struggled with acne since I was nine years old and have tried almost everything. In the week since I bought the Purifi Cleanser, my face was smoother and less oily. I have incorporated Zinc C Serum into my regimen in just the past two days now and what a difference it has made in my skin's texture and clarity. Where has this product line been all my life? Keep up the amazing work with your products! more...
Kelly K.
West Concord, MN
• • •
I met someone who swore by this product. She said it really helped her skin. I have problem skin where it's dry on one spot and broken out in another or red and blotchy. I bought all three of her recommended products (Purifi Facial Cleanser, Zinc C Serum and Vital Creme) and after the first use my skin felt really nice but after one week I have seen huge results! I have a nice glow, my complexion is even and creamy. I will forever be using Malibu C skin care!! Amazing! more...
Kara H.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
• • •
I have been using Malibu C Zinc C Serum for three years now. I deal with adult acne and without this serum my breakouts would be much more widespread! It also keeps my mild eczema around my nose at bay, especially in the winter and allergy seasons! Thank you for such an amazing product, I will not go without it! more...
Lauren Simmons
Impulse Salon & Spa
Newburgh, IN
• • •
Matcha Masque makes my skin feel so smooth and soft. I've tried this mask a couple of times so far and I really love it!! It makes my face feel clean and extremely soft after using it. more...
Natalya K.
Burbank, CA
• • •
Love Purifi Facial Cleanser. It makes my face feel clean, but not dried out. It took away the bumps I had around my mouth and then I apply Zinc C Serum. That stuff is amazing! It makes my face feel fresh and toned and then I finish with Perfection Creme. After a couple of weeks my skin was much smoother and had a glow to it that I haven't seen in years! I've had tons of people ask me if I've had something done, and I've told them "No, it's Malibu C." Now I'm hooked... more...
Christina Gordon
Christina's Hair
Puyallup, WA
• • •
I cannot go a day without my Zinc C Serum! It keeps my breakouts at bay. It has changed my life and given me skin confidence. I couldn't be more satisfied with this product! more...
Lauren A.
• • •
I'm in my mid-twenties and I've always had troubled skin. I have been using the Malibu C skin care for a few months now and my skin has never been better! My breakouts have been minimized and my skin tone is in much better shape. Thank you, Malibu C! more...
Megan J.
Hair Centre
Mount Horeb, WI
• • •
I am officially addicted to your products. Your Vital Creme is the first facial moisturizer ever that I've been able to use without breaking out. I have used it for about two weeks now and my skin is still clear. Not to mention my face now has a youthful glow and is looking clearer every day. I use it in conjunction with your Zinc C Serum, another awesome product. Your products are simple, quick and easy to use. more...
Julie P.
Folsom, CA
• • •
I have had extremely problematic skin for as long as I can remember and when I tried Malibu C skin care, my face felt so transformed! Brighter, clearer, glowing skin! I tell everyone about this skin care! more...
Heather F.
St. John, MO
• • •
I was using over-the-counter skin treatments until I was introduced to Malibu C skin care. Now I won't look at those other products! Thank you for such a great line of products!! more...
Heidi M.
Springfield, IL
• • •
I have been using the Vital Creme for three weeks and my skin tone has evened out! more...
Tawnya M.
Clarkston, MI
• • •
I have had problematic skin for years now, ever since my teens and I am now 39. A friend recommended Malibu C's Purifi and it has been a lifesaver for me. My skin looks so much better now and everyone that knows me says that I'm "glowing." I won't ever stop using Malibu C, not ever. more...
Mari B.
Greenwood, SC
• • •
Your Facial Masque has done wonders for my skin! It has become a staple. It makes my skin feel softer and more hydrated. It has a really pleasant scent, too! more...
Laura D.
Chattanooga, TN
• • •
I love your Purifi Facial Cleanser. It has cleared up my skin and changed my skin entirely! Thank you! more...
Bridgette M.
Fashionista, Inc.
Santa Monica, CA
• • •
I've used the Exfoliant Facial Scrub only twice and my face is glowing with a new youth. Once you hit your 30s (at least in my case), it is hard to restore that 20's glow. But this did. more...
Julie P.
Folsom, CA
• • •
Best exfoliator I have ever used by far! My skin feels baby soft! more...
Brittney C.
Navasota, TX
• • •
I love Exfoliant. It makes my skin feel so fresh and look so healthy. more...
Devan M.
Ringgold, GA
• • •
I am happy to say that the texture and tone of my skin is MUCH improved. I'm not sure what it is about your products that work but I am so thankful that I gave it a chance. Thanks Malibu C for offering affective vegan products for vegans like me. more...
Denise G.
Miami, FL
• • •
I tried the Vital Creme and I love it. I work in a pizza shop so it's hard to find a moisturizer that works without making my skin oily. Since using this product my flaky skin and blemishes have improved greatly. more...
Erin T.
North Irwin, PA
• • •
I am not one to fill out a review, however after using the Zinc C Serum; I have noticed a drastic difference in the overall tone and health of my skin. I have very sensitive, acne-prone skin. After using the Zinc C Serum for only two weeks, the redness on my face is almost completely gone and any blemish marks that I had have honestly disappeared. I am truly in disbelief and for anyone with problematic or hyper-pigmented skin; I would highly, highly recommend this product. more...
Alex W.
Fort Worth, TX
• • •
The Exfoliant facial scrub is incredible! The very first time I used it I was surprised at how "baby-soft" my face was! The product is gentle and doesn't sting or make my sensitive face red, yet; it is very effective. more...
Anna E.
Camano Island, WA
• • •
I love Malibu C Exfoliant. I have noticed softer skin and a seemingly renewed complexion! more...
Connor S.
Homerville, OH
• • •
So I really could not believe when I tried this and within a week my skin looked fantastic. All the Malibu C skin care products are super gentle on the skin so at first I didn't think it would necessarily be effective but clearly I was wrong because all of the products are amazing. I have never had such results and was so pleased it happened so quickly. more...
Kelly C.
Landenberg, PA
• • •
I have struggled with problematic, sensitive, acne-prone skin my entire life. I have tried just about every skin care line on the market, some of them working briefly before making the condition worse, some of them causing allergic reactions, etc. until a friend recommended the Malibu C skin care line. I have been using the Zinc C Serum and the Vital Creme for several months now and LOVE the results! For the first time, my face is completely clear... more...
Heather T.
Neenah, WI
• • •
My sister gave me Malibu C Facial-Masque. I was skeptical at first but a few hours later, it was true...sebum and impurities raise in different areas of my face. I was shocked! It is like a miracle worker! I took a hot shower and gently wiped them off. more...
Veronica C.
Key Largo, FL
• • •
Malibu C Exfoliant is a wonderful product! My dry, flaky skin was smoothed and refreshed-looking after my first use. more...
Sharon S.
Williamsburg, VA
• • •
I tried many different skin care lines, including prescriptions. It wasn't until using Malibu C that I was able to see a real difference in my skin. My skin cleared up and I have been glowing ever since. more...
Klara D.
Portland, TX
• • •
Malibu C Purifi is the best cleanser ever! It completely washes away ALL of my makeup, including eye makeup. I love it! Plus, I no longer have blackheads. more...
Dana L.
Irwin, PA
• • •
Any time I have a bad breakout, I do a Malibu C Facial-Masque and my face clears up fast! more...
April C.
Litchfield, MN
• • •
I have been using Malibu C Exfoliant Facial Scrub for a month. I have noticed a decrease in pore size and a brighter complexion. Great product! more...
Carol Lynn B.
Terre Haute, IN
• • •
The Facial Masque was simply amazing. My skin was super soft for weeks. I use it one or two times a week and it kept my skin glowing. I was so impressed. I am so happy with the Malibu C products I have tried. I will never go back to another company. I am a client for life!! more...
Amber D.
Conway, SC
• • •
Amazing, I have removed several moles from my face with Malibu C Serum and some of the skin marks I had are gone, too. more...
Coral Fuentes
Coral's Salon
Tigard, OR
• • •
...the Facial-Masque works instantly. My face looks brighter and younger with just one use. more...
Monica Otero
Otero's Creative Cuts
Tularosa, NM
• • •
My skin gets rough and flaky. Malibu C Exfoliant Facial Scrub rejuvenates and smoothes/moisturizes my skin to feel like new! more...
Jordan M.
Elkton, VA
• • •
I have really dry skin, and Malibu C Facial-Masque Algae Clay just makes my skin so much softer and smoother. more...
Emma L.
Arcadia, CA
• • •
Malibu C Original C Serum is an amazing C Serum. It helped with the blemishes on my face. more...
Christopher Fiske
Pacific Avenue Spa & Salon
Tacoma, WA
• • •
I absolutely love Malibu C Purifi Facial Cleanser!!! more...
Nicole S.
North Branch, MI
• • •
I really like Malibu C Facial-Masque. more...
Soraya S.
Matawan, NJ
• • •
I received Malibu C Purifi Cleanser as a gift from a friend at a Favorite Things party and I am so in love with it. It has helped my skin tremendously and smells incredible. more...
Sara M.
Englewood, CO
• • •
As a 53-year old woman, my skin is a constant concern. I've often struggled to find skincare that give me that youthful glow, until I found Malibu C. The Exfoliant Facial Scrub helped restore my self-confidence and made my skin look amazing. After one week of use, my skin was as smooth as glass. It's so great to find a product that works on the inside and out!!!! more...
Janet C.
Louisa, KY
• • •
Quick and amazing improvements. I started using Malibu C skin care on myself. Now I am bringing the line into the salon! I am excited to incorporate them into our facials! I love the masques! more...
Melissa Pagenkopf
Hair Unlimited
Mineral Point, WI
• • •
The very next morning after I started using the Malibu C skin care system for problematic skin, I noticed an immediate improvement in the texture of my skin. I've had breakouts continuously since I was in junior high and the Zinc C Serum is the only product that consistently heals and soothes my skin during a breakout. Using it regularly prevents new acne from forming and it evens out the irritation the breakout causes. more...
Jade S.
Bloomington, IN
• • •
I have been using Malibu C products for the past year. I love the Facial Masque. I notice that people want to know what I use to cleanse my face because they love how my skin looks. Thanks for making great products! more...
Jai Ammons
Jai's Salon
Ocilla, GA
• • •
I tried Purifi and I just love it! more...
Barbara S.
New Fairfield, CT
• • •
No other products have given me as much results/benefits in such a short amount of time. Thank you for providing such superior products! more...
• • •
After using the Sensitive & Problematic Skin Care System my skin is clearer than I can ever remember it being. ...If you believe, you will see what you want to see. The real results - other people see. more...
• • •
I had an awful looking blemish under my eye and a friend gave me Zinc C Serum and told me it was a miracle worker. This blemish was a really ugly one that was right under the eye so it was making my under eye look puffy as well. I used the Zinc C Serum and in just two days the blemish is completely gone! I have dealt with acne for twenty-five years and tried everything under the sun. This was the BEST solution so far! more...
• • •
My skin seems to be less congested. I have a more natural glow and a non-drying, cleaner, fresher feel. My skin has not felt this good in a long time! more...
Tiffany C.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
• • •