Wellness Testimonials

I almost never see signs of sunburn after golfing when I’m wearing my vitamins. (Malibu C Vitamin C Serum) more...
Sanford, NC
• • •
I just got back from vacation in a hot, sunny, humid area. Needless to say, I got too much sun on my face even with sunscreen. When I got back home, I started using the Original C Serum and got in the "mode". Within two weeks, my brown spots looked better and my facial "breakouts" vanished. I am very happy with the product and will continue to use it. Your faithful customer for ten years! more...
Gail B.
Registered Nurse
Bloomington, IN
• • •
I purchased the Malibu C Face and Body Moisture Mist for a beach vacation trip and really liked the product! It's a very hydrating and refreshing mist which is a must for skin that has been exposed to sun and sea. more...
Stephanie K.
Alexandria, VA
• • •
...when I realized I was sunburned, I immediately applied the Vitamin C Serum and the sunburn was so much better right away, and there was no peeling days later. The way that I look at it, if this stuff works that well after exposure like that, imagine how good it is for my skin every day. more...
Dallas, TX
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