I recently went to the Long Beach Hair Show where I purchased Malibu C treatments for my salon.  Not long after, a fairly new client called She was unhappy with her color, feeling it was still too dark. She wanted to know if I guaranteed my work. I did, even before offering Malibu C. She would be the first client that I would use a Malibu C treatment on (the 2-step Malibu MakeOver). I planned to offer it to her free of charge, as part of the correction. After talking about what she didn't like about her hair, I applied the Malibu C Crystal Gel as directed. I could have almost stopped there, once I rinsed it out. She could instantly tell the difference. Even though her hair was still wet, the highlights that I had put in previously were popping! And she noticed! I continued to apply more and lighter highlights all over. Then I applied the remaining Crystal Gel to stop the oxidation, rinsed and applied Miracle Repair. She was ecstatic! She hugged me twice and said it was exactly what she had wanted. She told me she was going to two Super Bowl Sunday parties and that she was going to chat it up about her hair and why her friends should come see me. Malibu C is the best purchase I have ever made for my salon. Thank you!