I had the most horrendous hair for about two years and had no idea what was wrong with my scalp, my hair or me, for that matter. Even right after I shampooed I looked like a grease ball. I went to doctors and a dermatologist and they did nothing. I even asked my nutritionist - still nothing. Finally, even though I could not afford it, I went to get my hair down at a hair salon because I was too depressed and could not get out of a rut. The stylist at the salon did a Malibu C treatment and told me about the Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner. I love the product. I feel like I have my hair back! I feel so much better about myself. It really helped me lift up my spirit when I needed it most. Thank you for this product. I will never use anything else. I even took my sister to the salon and bought her the shampoo kit because she started having the same problem. She loves the product, too. It even makes my children's hair look dreamy!