I owe a tremendous thank you to the Malibu C product line. These products have transformed my hair from a cracked, dry mess to shiny, silky fresh hair! I started working in a salon about 6 months ago and walked in with brassy hair that was breaking off all the way up my hair shaft. Every product I used contained silicone which at the time, made my hair feel like silk, but continued to cause more damage than create good and I could not understand why I could not get my hair healthy. I tried Malibu C and that is when a miracle happened. The first products I tried were the Blondes treatment followed by the Miracle Repair. The minute I used these products my hair had this shine I had not seen in years! The Blondes treatment took out a thick layer of brassiness and removed the buildup of silicone that’s been crackling at my hair. My blonde highlights popped and removed all the orange discoloration I had. My hair was finally at a place I could start placing color on it again and the minute I did, I turned to Malibu C Color Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner with once a week Miracle Repair treatments. These products have helped keep my color vibrant, lasting and non-damaged. Over these 6 months since using Malibu C I have gone from frizz to sheen, dull to vibrant, and crinkles to silk. I can't imagine using any other product!