I used Malibu C Crystal Gel on a new client that had over processed hair. It was dry and just felt terrible. After the treatment, her hair was easy to brush through, felt soft and looked amazing!!! Recently I took a Malibu C class to learn more about Malibu C. I knew that it worked but I didn't know how it really worked. The class was so informative and easy to understand. I feel like I could go sell the product to all my clients now! I went to CosmoProf as soon as the class was over and bought some of the Malibu C Color Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner. Not only did my hair feel great and look shinier, this was the first time my color didn't bleed in the shower. I have red hair and as all professionals know, it's the hardest to maintain and bleeds the most! So for my hair to not bleed at all, I was really impressed! This will be the shampoo and conditioner I use from now on! I'm so impressed with Malibu C that I'm going to start using the skin care line as well! Thank you, thank you for creating a product that is so amazing and healthy!!! What other company can say their treatments are powerful enough to clean your water, but safe enough to eat??