Love the Malibu C Color Wellness Kit! The Color Wellness shampoo smells so yummy, very tropical and it makes my hair feel so soft and helps detangle my curly, frizzy hair. The Color Wellness Conditioner feels so rich, yet never weighs down my hair, makes it feel and look so healthy and by the time I get done with the shampoo and conditioner I barely need a comb because I no longer have knots/tangles. The Miracle Repair is just that, a miracle! I naturally have very dark hair and for years I have been dying it black. But recently, I decided to go for a vibrant red so that meant bleaching and then coloring. Well, as you can imagine, that left my hair even more frizzy than normal. It looked awful and damaged but thanks to the Miracle Repair, it looks better than it did before I bleached it!