I have lived with well water all of my life so I never knew that my water was the culprit of my former disastrous hair...My Scalp was itchy and flaky, my hair dull and frizzy and would be brittle and extremely dry. I had highlighting and toning done every 3 months or so. As soon as I washed my hair the color would go from my newly cool toned freshly colored look to brassy and orange with almost a green tinge. Awful...I tried every product under the sun. Got a shower filter, purple shampoo...you name it, I bought it and tried it, all with the same disappointing minimal or nonexistent improvement in the condition and color of my hair. I spent hours, days, my entire adult life searching for something that worked...Googling and searching blogs. Then one day I stumbled upon a blog where the author actually didn't believe that minerals from well water or hard water sources could actually change the condition and color of your hair. LOL. Fortunately, the readers who commented on the blog knew better through their own personal experiences and shared their own stories, many of whom used Malibu C products. I decided to give Malibu C a try. I had heard of the products before, but hadn't tried them myself (the one products I hadn't)! I tried the Malibu C Hard Water Wellness kit, which includes a shampoo and conditioner, as well as a weekly treatment to remove buildup of mineral deposits that would otherwise destroy the color and health of my hair.  I couldn't believe it..I'd tried so many things over such a great length of time, I really had not expectations other than to be disappointed once again. I mean, this product didn't even contain any sulfates and is all wellness ingredients. How could something so pure work to remove accumulated gunk that I couldn't remove with heavy duty clarifying shampoos? I was amazed. I'll never use anything else. My hair is nothing like it used to be. It's soft, it's healthy, no more frizz, breakage, scaly, itchy scalp, metallic dirty smell, and now when I get a professional color or keratin treatment, it frickin works! It doesn't wash out and go back to the train wreck condition I used to deal with day to day. I'm so elated, I can't even articulate how happy I am with these products. Thank you Malibu C! Where everything failed me, you delivered exactly what I wanted and didn't think possible. Great hair products to combat well water.