I used your Malibu C hair care products for two years while living in a house that was on well water. I had noticed my highlighted blonde hair was not responding as it normally had prior to using well water. Thankfully, these products turned my hair around! At the same time, I started using Malibu C Vitamin C Serum and WrinkleLess Moisturizer for my skin, I saw DRAMATIC improvement, not only in my skin tone but also in age spots (they're gone!), to overall looking younger, and the best my skin has looked in years - or EVER! After moving overseas a year ago to the Middle East, the sun has taken a MAJOR toll on my face, in just one year. I notice major discoloration, age spots and freckles that have taken over my face and neck. The sun and humidity here is so intense and harsh. Sunscreen just melts away as soon as you walk out the door leaving your skin totally exposed and vulnerable to all the harsh environmental effects. At only 35, I know my skin should not look so worn and aged, but I know as soon as I start using Malibu C skin care again, my skin tone will return to what it should be. I'm thrilled I found your products and that I know with confidence, the results are worth every penny. I always say, the best products are the ones you remember and can't live without! It's been a year, and I cannot deny, I cannot, and will not, do without Malibu C skin care again!