I have two daughters that love to swim! In the summer time, they live in the pool. My oldest daughter has snow white, blonde hair. The chlorine turns her hair green. I spent weeks in and out of ULTA trying every "chlorine removal" shampoo with no luck. Although ULTA was great about me returning each product that didn't work, my daughter's hair was still green. Until her hair stylist did a Malibu C Swimmers Wellness Remedy treatment on her and sent us home with the Malibu C Swimmers Wellness Kit. FINALLY! Her hair was no longer green! And with only ONE application of the Swimmers Wellness! We also have well water and her stylist recommended the Hard Water Wellness Kit. She sent us home with that as well. I use all the Malibu C products on myself and my two daughters. We no longer have green hair or chlorine and/or mineral deposits from our well water. THANK YOU for your amazing products! We will be life-long consumers of these products!