In our area of the country, we have a lot of iron and calcium in our water. I had used the Malibu C Crystal Gel treatments for a number of years with great results when doing chemical services and decided to try the other Malibu C hair care products designed to help me and my clients deal with the problems caused by our water. The Hard Water Wellness Shampoo has been a great addition to my services and learning about calcium buildup on the scalp helped me get a handle on the difference between calcium flakes vs.dandruff. I have a lot of male clients using the shampoo as a body wash to control the flaking skin issue. Oh my gosh, what a difference it has made in their skin! I have introduced the idea of using the shampoo as a body wash to a number of clients with scalp problems including children. It has really helped them with this issue. I am sold on these amazing products and the availability given to me to learn more about them online. Thanks Malibu C for your continued commitment to improving hair and skin exposed to well water.