OH MY GOD! This product almost had me in tears! I had no idea hard water was even a thing until I heard it on TV and Googled it one night and started FREAKING OUT when I read what it can do to your hair! After recently going platinum blonde after being a dark brunette for years, I knew there was something wrong with my hair because it looked and felt MUCH more damaged than it should have for only bleaching it three times over the course of a month. Then I kept seeing Malibu C as the #1 rated hard water treatment for brassy, damaged, unruly hair so I HAD to get it. One day and one order later, it arrived on my doorstep. I used it and literally INSTANTLY I could feel something happening. THIS IS WHAT MY HAIR IS SUPPOSED TO FEEL LIKE! It was the smoothest, shiniest, easy-to-comb through hair I had ever had! Living in San Diego my whole life meant 25 years of hard water mineral buildup and let me tell you when I say all that crap got washed off, like I said, it almost had me in tears! I love love love this product and recommend it to everyone! Not only those with dull, blonde hair...but EVERYONE! I mean who couldn't use a special Malibu C treatment every now and then, right? You guys have earned yourselves a lifelong customer!! Thank you so much!! 10/10 A+++++++!!