Malibu C IS LIFE!!!! I have been living on a horse farm for the last 4 years and showering with well water that is so bad EVERYTHING is brown. We couldn't even have a swimming pool because the chemicals for the pool reacted with the chemicals in my water and turned the pool water red. We have had several water softeners and they have all been overloaded with the amount of stuff they had to filter out. I have long dark brown hair that I've been working so hard to grow "butt length" but my water is wreaking havoc on it. It turned my highlighted hair an orangeish tint, kept it greasy and broken all over. I have treated it with coconut oil for months in hopes of restoring it, but no luck. Then I found Malibu C and I have my hair back!!!! I am so impressed. Thank you for being there and having great Hard Water Wellness products. My hair is its natural color again, silky and oh so beautiful!! Words cannot describe how happy I am. Thank you again!!!