I had a client whose hair was a total MESS! She was a swimmer who had terrible build up on her hair and her previous stylist was just coloring over her build up. When she came to me, her hair was forest green, dry and breaking off. First, I did the CPR by Malibu C to remove the color, then I did the Malibu C Crystal Gel to make sure that all of the buildup was removed. I then did Malibu C Miracle Repair, recolored her and then did another Miracle Repair. Her hair was completely fixed! I was amazed and so was my client and her mother. I'm new to Malibu C products. I tried them upon recommendation of the sales girl at my beauty supply store. I can't wait to try the rest of the Malibu C line! Malibu C saved the day! I also can't wait to check out Malibu C's education on their website. Thank you, from a very satisfied customer!