I am sharing my story of Malibu C Miracle Repair. I went to my salon to get my highlights retouched and the stylist convinced me to dye my whole head instead of just my usual partial highlights. I agreed. She then used color instead of lightener and my hair turned orange. I was very upset to say the least. She tried to tone it but it ended up turning into a disaster. I went back the next day and had it lightened but it turned yellow! By that time, my hair was like straw and it was like a nightmare coming true. I then waited two day to have it re-bleached and toned and it turned out to be a very pretty color but two weeks later it had gotten very brassy. I then went back again and had a bleach wash done and toned again. They gave me Malibu C Miracle Repair to take home with me to use after a few days. After all of my hair had gone through, you could imagine in what condition it was in. I used it once and was amazed at the results. So soft and shiny beyond belief. The best condition that it has been in for a long time thanks to Miracle Repair. Thanks, Malibu C!