On December 2, 2009 we worked with an organization called Cancer Survivor Beauty Network. We had a cancer survivor who had just undergone chemotherapy. Her blonde shoulder-length hair had tangled and matted into a HUGH knot about the size of a small football in the nape area. We had to cut it out but her hair was still tangled (very difficult to comb out) and was shedding very badly. We gave her a Crystal Gel treatment to remove the chemo along with any other medications that were exiting her body through her hair. We processed the Malibu Crystal Gel treatment under the dryer for twenty minutes and then followed with the Malibu Miracle Repair Power Protein Builder. In other words, we did the Malibu MakeOver Rx. Her hair was as soft as a new born baby. No more tangles or shedding, and her color seemed to pop! She was so excited and said her hair never felt so great. She will become a regular customer of the salon.