We were recently introduced to Malibu and we have seen some things that even we as stylists couldn't believe. We love that Malibu has been added to our arsenal to combat minerals and chlorine. I knew these affected  the hair but I was unaware of how much of an impact it had on our clients' chemical services! We use the professional Crystal Gel treatment before every perm and send every client home with Malibu's Miracle Repair to use the first time they shampoo. My clients have said they feel a difference in how their hair feels and how long the perms last. We also use Malibu Color Correction before we even touch a client that has received color at home from a box or another salon. We feel it gives us a fresh pallet to start with and helps ensure that we can guarantee our work. I used the Malibu Color Correction on myself and it made my hair feel softer, I had more shine and it removed the unwanted tones and dullness from my last color. I had everyone ask me if I had just colored my hair. I told them I just Malibued!