Let me first say, "I love your products!" I grew up in a home with four sisters that are hairstylists. I started working in one of my sister's salons and was fortunate to try so many different products. I found a product that worked on swimmers hair and I used it for years and then when I had my kids I used it on them. Then all of a sudden the company stopped making it. I was worried I would not be able to find another product that would work. My kids swim competitively all year round. My daughter has long, thick, naturally wavy hair and chlorine is attracted to it like crazy. She even wears a swim cap! My son has corse, short hair and you can feel the chlorine as if he hasn't washed his hair in days. I no longer worked in the salon, so I couldn't try products like I used to. Then my sister's business partner had me try the Malibu Swimmers Wellness System Kit. I tried it on my kids' hair one time and noticed a big difference. The more my kids use the Malibu Swimmers Wellness Kit the better their hair feels and the healthier their hair is! I am so happy I found your products and THEY WORK even better than what I used in the past. I am hooked!