We moved to New Hampshire this past June to possibly build a new home on family land. After selling our home in North Carolina we purchased an RV while transitioning. While on family land, with the modern convenience of electric and water hookups, my scalp was collecting buildup. It was greasy on top with no fullness at the ends. Ever after washing it, I would have an oily buildup. This became worse with itchiness and inflammation. I was determined to find out what was causing these problems! After buying medicated shampoos, going to a dermatologist, on the phone with my family doctor to ask about a blood test for a gluten allergy and more, a stylist at Adrian James Salon in Nashua told me that there were a lot of issues in the area due to mineral buildup in the wells. Oh my goodness! She used Malibu C Hard Water Wellness on me and I immediately had relief! My hair styled like normal! I purchased the Hard Water Wellness kit and I'll also be purchasing the Scalp Wellness products as well as the water test kit to test the water at the campsite we are currently at. Thank you soooo much for the care and concern put into your products. I am grateful for help from the salon and Malibu C!